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19.7 Remote Data Services (RDS) Transport

The Remote Data Services (RDS) Transport Protocol facilitates communication for distributed applications. Operating at the application level, the RDS Transport Protocol allows querying and manipulation of data on remote servers. To facilitate data operations, the RDS Transport Protocol specifies how the remote method and its parameters are presented in an RDS message, which is then transmitted in an HTTP request to a server for execution. It also specifies how the results of an invoked method are represented in a message for transmission back to the client in the HTTP response. Finally, it specifies the data-centric messages used for data query and manipulation as well as their associated RecordSets.

The core data-centric messages used in an RDS Transport Protocol server are as follows.

  • Execute - Provides a method to execute a complex SQL command and return a RecordSet.

  • Query - Provides a method to execute a simple parameterless SQL query command and RecordSet.

  • Synchronize - Provides a method for an RDS Transport Protocol client to synchronize data changes from the client to the server.

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