1.1 About This Document

This document is a companion to the protocol and data structure specifications that are included in the Windows client-server communications documentation set. It provides a system overview of how these protocols are related to each other and provides examples for how these protocols could be implemented in order to perform a specific task, such as opening a file or joining a domain.

This document is organized as follows:

  • The first section of this document describes basic concepts that are used throughout this document.

  • The following sections describe sets of protocols grouped by functionality or technical areas, such as file services and authentication. Each of these sections describe how the protocols are composed and are followed by implementation examples.

  • The relationships among these protocols are described using two views:

    • Protocol stack view: This view allows the reader to determine the encapsulation of each protocol as it moves down the stack for eventual transmission on the underlying physical medium. For purposes of this document, this view is called the protocol stack.

    • Logical dependencies view: This view shows how the protocols interrelate, which allows the reader to determine what protocols are used in parallel with the main protocol. This view is useful in cases where other protocols are required for the main protocol to function; however, these other protocols may be logically contained in the main protocol or invoked separately by an implementation of the protocol.