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4.1.1 Opening a Cloud

The Resolver, not yet a member of any clouds, first joins one by performing the following steps:

  1. The Resolver checks to see if the cloud already exists in its Cloud Table. When it does not, the Resolver creates a new entry. It does this by selecting a port and  a set of four IPv6 Addresses, or as many as the local system has, not exceeding four, to use for PNRP communication, ensuring that none of the address/port combinations are to be found in the Local Endpoint List of any other Cloud Table entry.

  2. The Resolver begins listening for incoming UDP messages on the chosen port, looking for messages sent to the chosen IPv6 Addresses.

  3. The Resolver sets CurrentSeedServerAddressIndex to 0, and sets CloudDiscoveryMode to LocalOOB.

  4. The Resolver initiates cloud discovery by using the address supplied by the application. CloudDiscoveryMode is set to "LocalOOB", and it now initiates a synchronization conversation.

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