pnrpPeerName EXTENSION ::= {
           SYNTAX PnrpPeerName
           IDENTIFIED BY id-microsoftp2pgeneral-pnrpPeerName }
 id-microsoftp2pgrouping-pnrpPeerName OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::=
             { id-microsoftp2ppnrp 1 }
 PnrpPeerName ::= SEQUENCE SIZE (1) OF GeneralName

PnrpPeerName: A Peer Name, encoded as a GeneralName, as specified in [RFC2459] section, which allows a choice of types. The type choice MUST be otherName(0), indicating a subtype of AnotherName ([RFC2459] section A.2). The type-id of AnotherName MUST be set to id-microsoftp2pgeneral-PeerName, and the value MUST be a PnrpPeerNameString as shown in the following formal language specification. The last certificate in the chain MUST have this extension.

 id-microsoftp2pgeneral-PeerName OBJECT_IDENTIFIER ::=
             { id-microsoftp2pgeneral 2 }
 PnrpPeerNameString ::= UniversalString (SIZE (1..192))

PnrpPeerNameString: An arbitrary Peer Name string. This string is not used by PNRP, except to verify that it exists in the last certificate in the chain and that the value is the same in the first and last certificates in the chain. The PnrpPeerNameString value MUST conform to the syntax of a Peer Name, as specified in section 2.2.4.