Certified Peer Addresses

For a Secure Peer Name, the certified peer address (CPA) is a self-signed certificate that provides authentication protection for a PNRP ID and contains application endpoint information such as addresses, protocol numbers, and port numbers. An Unsecured Peer Name also includes a CPA, as well as both a public key and a signature, but no protection is provided.

The information in a CPA includes:

  • AuthorityHash

  • SHA-1 Hash of the Classifier string

  • Service Location part of PNRP ID

  • Comment (40-character text field filled by application)

  • Validity Interval for CPA

  • Public Key of Identity registering the Peer Name

  • Endpoints for reaching the application service

  • Endpoints for reaching the PNRP service

  • Signature of CPA based on Public/Private key pair