Key (Put) (Opnum 12)

The Key (Put) method sets the Key property in the IValueMapItem, as specified in the property table in section The semantics of what the key is used for depends on the ValueMapType property of the IValueMap to which the IValueMapItem belongs. For example, if the ValueMapType property (whose possible values are specified in section is set to plaIndex, the IValueMapItems in that IValueMap can be a collection of Levels (specified as a property of the ITraceDataProvider in section since only one level can be set on an ITraceDataProvider at a time. In this example, the Key will be a string that refers to the name of the level. The key can be any BSTR other than the empty BSTR. The Performance Logs and Alerts Protocol does not have any predetermined values or semantics for this key.

 [propput] HRESULT Key(
   [in] BSTR key

key: Supplies the key value, specified as a BSTR, to set in the IValueMapItem.

Return Values: This method MUST return an HRESULT with the severity bit clear on success as specified in [MS-ERREF]; otherwise, it MUST return one of the errors as defined in 2.2.1 or one of the errors as defined in [MS-ERREF] section 2.1.