The SAFEARR_UNKNOWN structure specifies an array of MInterfacePointers elements (see [MS-DCOM] section 2.2.14) whose IPID is IID_IUnknown (see section 1.9).

 typedef struct _wireSAFEARR_UNKNOWN {
   ULONG Size;
   [size_is(Size), ref] IUnknown** apUnknown;

Size: MUST be set to the total number of elements in the array.

apUnknown: MUST be an array of MInterfacePointer (see [MS-DCOM], section The iid field in the OBJREF MUST be IID_IUnknown (see section 1.9).

The Size field of this type MUST be marshaled as specified in [C706] section 14, with the exception that it MUST be marshaled by using a little-endian data representation, regardless of the data representation format label. For more information, see [C706] section 14.2.5.