NetrAccountSync (Opnum 10)

 NTSTATUS NetrAccountSync(
   [in, unique, string] LOGONSRV_HANDLE PrimaryName,
   [in, string] wchar_t* ComputerName,
   [in] PNETLOGON_AUTHENTICATOR Authenticator,
   [in, out] PNETLOGON_AUTHENTICATOR ReturnAuthenticator,
   [in] DWORD Reference,
   [in] DWORD Level,
   [out, size_is(BufferSize)] UCHAR * Buffer,
   [in] DWORD BufferSize,
   [out] ULONG * CountReturned,
   [out] ULONG * TotalEntries,
   [out] ULONG * NextReference,
   [out] PUAS_INFO_0 LastRecordId

The NetrAccountSync method was for the support of LAN Manager products and SHOULD<257> be rejected with an error code.