NetrLogonControl2 (Opnum 14)

The NetrLogonControl2 method<240> is a predecessor to the NetrLogonControl2Ex method (section and is updated to have the same functionality as NetrLogonControl2Ex. All parameters of this method have the same meanings as the identically named parameters of the NetrLogonControl2Ex method.

 NET_API_STATUS NetrLogonControl2(
   [in, unique, string] LOGONSRV_HANDLE ServerName,
   [in] DWORD FunctionCode,
   [in] DWORD QueryLevel,
   [in, switch_is(FunctionCode)] PNETLOGON_CONTROL_DATA_INFORMATION Data,
   [out, switch_is(QueryLevel)] PNETLOGON_CONTROL_QUERY_INFORMATION Buffer

All restrictions on parameter values in the NetrLoginControl2Ex method (section apply. Extra restrictions are applied to the values of the QueryLevel parameter as follows:

  • If the QueryLevel parameter is set to 0x00000004, the error ERROR_INVALID_LEVEL is returned.

Message processing is identical to NetrLogonControl2Ex (section