DsrGetDcName (Opnum 20)

The DsrGetDcName method is a predecessor to the DsrGetDcNameEx2 method (section The method SHOULD<146> return information about a domain controller in the specified domain. All parameters of this method have the same meanings as the identically named parameters of the DsrGetDcNameEx2 method, except for the SiteGuid parameter, detailed as follows.

   [in, unique, string] LOGONSRV_HANDLE ComputerName,
   [in, unique, string] wchar_t* DomainName,
   [in, unique] GUID* DomainGuid,
   [in, unique] GUID* SiteGuid,
   [in] ULONG Flags,
   [out] PDOMAIN_CONTROLLER_INFOW* DomainControllerInfo

SiteGuid: This parameter MUST be NULL and ignored upon receipt.

The DsrGetDcName call accepts the SiteGuid parameter instead of the SiteName parameter of the DsrGetDcNameEx call. On receiving this call, the server MUST perform all of the processing done on receiving the DsrGetDcNameEx call.