1.6 Applicability Statement

The Netlogon Remote Protocol is used only when the client or server is a member of a Windows domain.

The Netlogon Remote Protocol contains an implementation of a security support provider (SSP), which provides packet encryption and signing services to secure client and server communication at the RPC packet level. These security services are used for establishing a secure channel for RPC-based client-to-server communication.

The Netlogon Remote Protocol can act as a secure transport for NTLM authentication and for other authentication mechanisms between arbitrary servers and the account authority or domain controller for that server. The Netlogon Remote Protocol also provides methods for maintaining the trust password for all versions of Windows and backup domain controller (BDC) replication for Windows NT 4.0 operating system. Additional information for the methods in this topic is provided in section 3 for cases where the server is not a member of a domain and resolves requests independently.