1.4 Relationship to Other Protocols

The Netlogon Remote Protocol depends on RPC and on the mailslot datagram delivery service, as specified in [MS-SMB], which are its transports.

Transport relationships

Figure 3: Transport relationships

Other non-RFC standard specifications relevant to the implementation of the Netlogon Remote Protocol are:

  • Active Directory Technical Specification [MS-ADTS] defines AD data types, data structures, and their interactions, many of which are relevant to the functioning of the Netlogon Remote Protocol.

  • Group Policy: Security Protocol Extension [MS-GPSB] is for managing secure channel signing and encryption settings.

  • Local Security Authority (Domain Policy) Remote Protocol Specification [MS-LSAD] is used for accessing certain directory information.

  • NT LAN Manager (NTLM) Authentication Protocol Specification [MS-NLMP] uses netlogon for pass-through authentication and specifies how to do one-way functions (OWF) of the computer password.

  • Security Account Manager (SAM) Remote Protocol Specification (Client-to-Server) [MS-SAMR] is used for account lookup during session-key negotiation.

Authentication Protocol Domain Support Specification [MS-APDS] is an example of how authentication protocols can use generic pass-through (section