3 Protocol Details

The methods that comprise this RPC interface return MQ_OK (0x00000000) on success and a nonzero implementation-specific error code on failure. Unless otherwise specified, a server-side implementation of the Message Queuing (MSMQ): Directory Service Protocol can choose any nonzero Win32 error value to signify an error condition, as specified in section 1.8. Unless otherwise specified, the client side of the MSMQ: Directory Service Protocol MUST NOT interpret returned error codes, and MUST return the error codes to the higher-layer software without taking any protocol action.

Note that the phrases "client side" and "server side" refer to the initiating and receiving ends of the MSMQ: Directory Service Protocol, respectively, rather than to the client or server versions of an operating system. These methods MUST all behave in the same manner, whether the server side of the protocol is running on a client or server version of an operating system.

The client side of the MSMQ: Directory Service Protocol is simply a pass-through. That is, there are no additional timers or other states required on the client side of this protocol. Calls made by the higher-layer software are passed directly to the transport, and the results returned by the transport are passed directly back to the higher-layer software.