Sending a LinkViewerToMacConnect Message

The client MUST fill in the fields of the LinkViewerToMacConnect (section message.

The client-guid syntax element in the subscriberName field of the LinkViewerToMacConnect (section message MUST be set to the same GUID value for all LinkViewerToMacConnect (section messages belonging to the same streaming session. The client MAY specify a different GUID in the subscriberName field for different streaming sessions.<27>

If the value of the Proxy-Port variable is not 0, the host-param syntax element of the subscriberName field MUST be set to the name and port number of the server obtained by parsing the URL stored in the Server-URL variable in the abstract data model.

If the value of the Packet-Pair-Packets-Expected variable is greater than 0, the client MUST set the playIncarnation field to 0xF0F0F0F0. Otherwise, the playIncarnation field SHOULD be set to 0xF0F0F0EF.

The message MUST be sent by the rules specified in section

After sending the message, the client MUST wait for the LinkMacToViewerReportConnectedEX (section message to be received. How to process this message is specified in section