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Expand All Receiving a LinkViewerToMacStreamSwitch Message

The server MUST first follow the steps specified in section Also, the server MUST verify that the LinkViewerToMacStreamSwitch message adheres to the syntax specified in section

The server MUST process the stream selection information specified in the aStreamEntries field. Any new streams that are transmitted as a result of the aStreamEntries field MUST be transmitted beginning with an ASF key-frame payload. Any streams that are replaced by different streams MUST continue to be transmitted until the first ASF key-frame payload of the new stream is transmitted. For how to determine if an ASF payload contains a key-frame, see [ASF].

The server MUST send a LinkMacToViewerReportStreamSwitch (section message.

If the value of the State variable is STREAMING, the server MUST continue transmitting Data packets by following the rules specified in section

If the value of the State variable is READY, the server MUST wait for a LinkViewerToMacStartPlaying message, a LinkViewerToMacStartStriding message, or a LinkViewerToMacCloseFile message to be received from the client.

How to process a LinkViewerToMacStartPlaying message is specified in section

How to process a LinkViewerToMacStartStriding message is specified in section

How to process a LinkViewerToMacCloseFile message is specified in section

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