1.7 Versioning and Capability Negotiation

 This document covers versioning issues in the following areas:

Supported Transports: This protocol is implemented on top of TCP. In addition, implementations that support transmitting multimedia data over UDP support the UDP protocol. See section 2.1.

Protocol Versions: Clients specify the protocol version using the subscriberName field in the LinkViewerToMacConnect (section message. Servers specify the protocol version using the ServerVersionInfo field in the LinkMacToViewerReportConnectedEX (section message.

Security and Authentication Methods: This protocol supports Basic authentication (as specified in [RFC2617]) and NT LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication (as specified in [MS-NLMP]).

Localization: This specification does not specify any localization-dependent protocol behavior.

Capability Negotiation: This protocol performs explicit capability negotiation using the following mechanisms:

This protocol does not use operating system versioning because operating systems typically include multiple client implementations with different capabilities. Furthermore, the client software components are frequently updated independently of the rest of the operating system. Instead, the protocol versioning mechanism relies on the version number of the Microsoft software product that is sending the request or response.