1.6 Applicability Statement

The MMS Protocol is suitable for streaming delivery of real-time multimedia data. The term streaming means that data is transmitted at some fixed rate or at some rate related to the rate at which the data is accessed (for example, displayed) by the receiver.

It is appropriate to use this protocol when a client is streaming from a server that does not support RTSP extensions or the Windows Media HTTP Streaming Protocol, as specified in [MS-WMSP]. Otherwise, use of the MMS Protocol is generally not appropriate.

The MMS Protocol supports seeking, but does not support seeking in a server-side playlist. It also does not support what is sometimes referred to as Advanced Fast Start. That functionality is available in RTSP extensions and in the Windows Media HTTP Streaming Protocol.

If MMS is used in a scenario in which the multimedia data is always transferred over TCP, it might be more appropriate to use the Windows Media HTTP Streaming Protocol instead because it does not include the UDP functionality.