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1.8 Vendor-Extensible Fields

This protocol defines a range of special MAC addresses that applications can use when they conduct network topology tests. This range is 0x000D3AD7F140 through 0x000D3AFFFFFF. These MAC addresses do not conflict with actual MAC addresses because the range is built from an assigned Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI), as described in section 1.9. To minimize the probability of collisions between two such applications on the same link, while still allowing addresses that the same application uses to be similar (simply for ease in debugging), applications using this protocol SHOULD construct such MAC addresses by using the OUI, followed by a random number in the range 0xD7F2 to 0xFFFF, and leaving 8 bits that can be used to give 256 MAC addresses. This protocol contains a generation number field that can be used as a seed in a pseudo-random number generator.

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