1.6 Applicability Statement

This protocol operates at Layer 2 (the link-layer) in the OSI reference model and is therefore not routable. The protocol is suitable only for discovering the link-layer topology of networks that constitute a single link, such as a small office network or a home network. It is not applicable for discovering the Layer 3 (network-layer) topology of a larger network, or for discovering the Layer 2 topology of a link to which the LLTD implementation is not directly attached.

LLTD is designed to scale up to 10,000 nodes on the same link.

However, LLTD assumes the total latency involved in the network and frame processing at the nodes is less than the safeguards built into the protocol. For example, the timer periods of the reset procedure as specified in section 3.1.7 or the timers of the RepeatBAND algorithm specified in section If the latency is higher, unexpected results might occur.