4 Protocol Examples

This section describes a sequence of operations to illustrate the function of the Internet Information Services (IIS) Inetinfo Remote Protocol.

  1. The client receives a request from an application to retrieve the virtual root directory of the FTP server on the server host.

  2. The client sends an R_InetInfoGetAdminInformation message to the server by first invoking the R_InetInfoGetAdminInformation RPC client Stub method with the following parameters:

    • pszServer = "server host name"

    • dwServerMask = 0x00000001 (INET_FTP_SVC_ID)

    • ppConfig = address of LPINET_INFO_CONFIG_INFO

  3. The client establishes a connection to the remote server by building an explicit server binding handle as specified in section 2.2.1.

  4. When the server receives this request from the client, it allocates and initializes the INET_INFO_CONFIG_INFO structure and populates it with data from the FTP server. The server then returns 0 (ERROR_SUCCESS) and the pointer to the INET_INFO_CONFIG_INFO structure in the ppConfig parameter of the response.

  5. The client retrieves the virtual root data from the returned INET_INFO_CONFIG_INFO structure, returns it to the application, and frees the data allocated by the RPC client Stub.