2.2.3 Policy Comment Message

The Policy Comment Messages are typically used by administrative plug-ins to drive a user interface for viewing and editing comments associated with Extended Administrative Templates settings. The file format for these messages is encapsulated in XML (as specified in [XML1.0]) files that are accessed via remote file access.

CMTX-Based Policy Comment Messages are encapsulated in XML (as specified in [XML1.0]) files that are copied via remote file access. The names of these files MUST end in either .cmtx or .cmtl. The format of these files is specified by the XML schemas in Appendix B (sections 7.4 and 7.5).<6>

A .cmtx file created or updated by an Administrative plug-in will always contain embedded string resources. A .cmtx file MAY be localized manually by following Policy Administration Comment Localization Message Sequencing (section, in which case the .cmtx file will not contain embedded string resources. The string resources will be located in the language-specific .cmtl files.