This message requests that the server delete the reparse point from the file or directory associated with the handle on which this FSCTL was invoked. The underlying file or directory MUST NOT be deleted.

The message MUST contain a REPARSE_GUID_DATA_BUFFER or a REPARSE_DATA_BUFFER (including subtypes) data element. Both the REPARSE_GUID_DATA_BUFFER and the REPARSE_DATA_BUFFER structures begin with a ReparseTag field. The ReparseTag value uniquely identifies the filter driver that creates/uses the reparse point, and the application's filter driver processes the reparse point data as either a REPARSE_GUID_DATA_BUFFER or a REPARSE_DATA_BUFFER, depending on the structure implemented by the filter driver for that type of reparse point.

This message MUST only be sent for a file or directory handle.