1 Introduction

This is a specification of the Enhanced Metafile Format Plus Extensions (EMF+) structure. The EMF+ structure specifies a metafile format that can store a picture in device-independent form. The stored picture can be rendered by parsing and processing the metafile.

An EMF+ metafile is a series of variable-length records, called EMF+ records, which contain graphics drawing commands, object definitions, and properties. The metafile begins with a header record, which includes the metafile version, its size, the resolution of the device on which the picture was created, and the dimensions of the picture. An EMF+ metafile is "played back" when its records are converted to a format understood by a specific graphics device. An image defined in an EMF+ structure maintains its dimensions, shape, and proportions on any output device, including printers, plotters, and desktops, or in the client areas of applications.

Sections 1.7 and 2 of this specification are normative. All other sections and examples in this specification are informative.