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This section provides an example of the EMR_SETTEXTALIGN record ([MS-EMF] section

00000150:                            16 00 00 00 
00000160: 0C 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Figure 27: EMF EMR_SETTEXTALIGN Record Example

Type: 0x00000016 identifies this EMF record type as EMR_SETTEXTALIGN.

Size: 0x0000000C specifies the size of this record in bytes.

TextAlignmentMode: 0x00000000 specifies text alignment using a mask of WMFTextAlignmentMode flags or VerticalTextAlignmentMode flags ([MS-WMF] section or, respectively). Only one flag can be chosen from those that affect horizontal and vertical alignment. In addition, only one of the two flags that alter the current position can be chosen.

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