3.2.20 EMR_SETTEXTALIGN Example 1

This section provides an example of the EMR_SETTEXTALIGN record.

 00000150:                            16 00 00 00 
 00000160: 0C 00 00 00 00 00 00 00


Figure 28: EMF EMR_SETTEXTALIGN Record Example

Type: 0x00000016 identifies this EMF record type as EMR_SETTEXTALIGN.

Size: 0x0000000C specifies the size of this record in bytes.

TextAlignmentMode: 0x00000000 specifies text alignment using a mask of WMF TextAlignmentMode flags or VerticalTextAlignmentMode flags [MS-WMF]. Only one flag can be chosen from those that affect horizontal and vertical alignment. In addition, only one of the two flags that alter the current position can be chosen.