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1.7 Versioning and Capability Negotiation

This document covers versioning issues in the following areas.

Supported Transports: This protocol uses RPC for communication. It uses named pipes as the transport mechanism, as specified in section 2.1.

Protocol Versions: The RPC runtime negotiates the version of the EFSRPC interface, as specified in [C706]. The only supported version of this protocol is 1.0, as specified in section

Security and Authentication Methods: EFSRPC does not specify any methods for authenticating access to the objects it operates on. The underlying data encryption and storage system may implement any authentication mechanism. In Windows, such authentication is provided by SMB, as specified in [MS-SMB] and [MS-SMB2]. An EFSRPC server may register a server principal name/authentication service pair to enable secure RPC communications, and a client may choose to associate this security service with its binding when connecting to the server, as specified in section 3.

Capability Negotiation: Implicit negotiation of RPC security mechanisms may be performed through the security-related APIs specified in [C706]Chapter 13. The security mechanisms negotiated by Windows clients and servers are as specified in section 2.1.

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