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4 Protocol Examples

The following sections describe several operations as used in common scenarios to illustrate the function of this protocol. These protocol examples generally assume that an OleTx transports session, as specified in [MS-CMPO] section, has already been established between the two participants. However, some examples exhibit how one participant establishes a new OleTx transports session with another participant because of the protocol that is being demonstrated.

Participants communicate with each other by using OleTx multiplexing connections, as specified in [MS-CMP] section, that are in turn layered on top of the OleTx transports infrastructure (as specified in [MS-CMPO] section 3.3.1). In these examples, messages are sent from one participant to another by submitting a MESSAGE_PACKET (section to the underlying OleTx multiplexing layer, as specified in [MS-CMP] section

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