5.116 LDAPConnections

LDAPConnections is an abstract type for the LDAP connections associated with a DC. It is a sequence of tuples, one tuple per LDAP connection currently open. Each tuple contains the following fields:

  • iPAddress: A DWORD that contains the IPv4 address of the client machine that established the connection.

  • notificationCount: An integer that contains the number of LDAP notifications enabled on the connection.

  • secTimeConnected: An integer that contains the time, in seconds, that the connection has been open.

  • flags: A DWORD that contains the LDAP_CONN_PROPERTIES bit flags that identify properties of the connection.

  • totalRequests: An integer that contains the total number of LDAP requests processed on the connection.

  • userName: A unicodestring (section 3.4.3) that contains the name of the security principal that opened the connection.

  • fschemaUpgradeInProgress: A Boolean that specifies certain constraint validations are skipped when adding, updating, or removing directory objects on the opened connection. The skipped constraint validations are documented in the applicable constraint sections in [MS-ADTS].

The global variable dc for a DC has an associated field dc.ldapConnections, which maintains the DC's LDAPConnections state.