5.63 FindCharRev

 procedure FindCharRev(
     s: unicodestring,
     start: integer, 
     c: UCHAR): integer

Informative summary of behavior: The FindCharRev procedure returns the zero-based index of the last occurrence of c in the portion of s between the start and the end of s.

If s = null, start < 0 or start > s.length-1, this procedure returns -1. Otherwise, let s be represented as the sequence of characters {s[0], ... s[s.length - 1]}. Let i be such that i >= start, i <= s.length -1, s[i] = c, and s[i+1] ≠ c, ..., s[s.length - 1] ≠ c. If such an i exists, this procedure returns i. Otherwise, this procedure returns -1.