5.30 dc, DC

A global variable that represents the state of a DC, as defined in [MS-ADTS] section, and the type of that variable. That definition is repeated here for convenience:

type DC = [

serverGuid: GUID,

invocationId: GUID,

usn: 64-bit integer,

prefixTable: PrefixTable,

defaultNC: domain NC replica,

configNC: config NC replica,

schemaNC: schema NC replica,

partialDomainNCs: set of partial domain NC replica,

appNCs: set of application NC replica,

pdcChangeLog: PdcChangeLog,

nt4ReplicationState: NT4ReplicationState,

ldapConnections: LDAPConnections,

replicationQueue: ReplicationQueue,

kccFailedConnections: KCCFailedConnections,

kccFailedLinks: KCCFailedLinks,

rpcClientContexts: RPCClientContexts,

rpcOutgoingContexts: RPCOutgoingContexts,

fLinkValueStampEnabled: boolean,

nt4EmulatorEnabled: boolean,

fEnableUpdates: boolean,

minimumGetChangesReplyVersion: integer,

minimumGetChangesRequestVersion: integer


The ldapConnections, replicationQueue, kccFailedConnections, kccFailedLinks, rpcClientContexts, and rpcOutgoingContexts fields are volatile state. Each volatile field is set to the empty sequence on server startup. The other fields are persistent state, updated by using transactions.

The variable dc is the only global variable in this specification. It contains the state of the server:

 dc: DC