5.177 RPCClientContexts

RPCClientContexts is an abstract type that is a sequence of tuples, one tuple per RPC context for an incoming RPC session to the DC. Each tuple contains the following fields:

  • BindingContext: A ULONGLONG that contains a unique identifier for the context.

  • RefCount: An integer that is used to reference count the number of references to the context.

  • IsBound: A Boolean value that is true if IDL_DRSUnbind has not yet been called on the RPC context represented by this tuple, and false otherwise.

  • UUIDClient: A GUID that contains the value that was passed in as the puuidClientDsa argument of IDL_DRSBind while establishing the context.

  • TimeLastUsed: A FILETIME that contains the last time a session corresponding to the context was used in an RPC method call.

  • IPAddress: A DWORD that contains the IPv4 address of the client associated with the context.

  • PID: An integer that contains the process ID passed in by the client as the pextClient argument of IDL_DRSBind while establishing the context.

The global variable dc for a DC has an associated field dc.rpcClientContexts, which maintains the DC's RPCClientContexts state.