5.166 replUpToDateVector, ReplUpToDateVector

The nonreplicated attribute replUpToDateVector is an optional attribute on the NC root of every NC replica.

The abstract type ReplUpToDateVector simplifies the specification of methods that read and write the replUpToDateVector attribute. Reading the replUpToDateVector attribute produces one or more ReplUpToDateVector values.

The ReplUpToDateVector type is a tuple with the following fields:

  • uuidDsa: The invocation ID of the DC that assigned usnHighPropUpdate.

  • usnHighPropUpdate: A USN at which an update was applied on the DC identified by uuidDsa.

  • timeLastSyncSuccess: The time at which the last successful replication occurred from the DC identified by uuidDsa; for replication latency reporting only.

Given an NC replica r, if c is an element of r!replUpToDateVector, then all updates made by c.uuidDsa with USN <= c.usnHighPropUpdate have been applied to r.