Client Behavior When Receiving the IDL_DRSBind Response

The client receives a DRS_EXTENSIONS_INT structure from the server as the referent of ppextServer.

A server supports only a subset of the possible request versions, including both dwInVersion and the InfoLevel of IDL_DRSDomainControllerInfo and the InfoType of IDL_DRSGetReplInfo. The server informs the client of its capabilities via the DRS_EXTENSIONS_INT structure returned from IDL_DRSBind, as described in Server Behavior of the IDL_DRSBind Method (section

The client receives a DRS_HANDLE as the referent of phDrs.

The client retains the context handle phDrs^ for use in method calls on the drsuapi interface. Once a valid handle has been acquired by the client, the handle remains valid until either the server unilaterally breaks the RPC connection (for example, by crashing) or until IDL_DRSUnbind has been performed.