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1.4 Relationship to Other Protocols

This protocol includes replication that is based on the IP protocol, which is implemented as the IDL_DRSGetNCChanges method (section 4.1.10). Active Directory also supports replication based on the SMTP protocol; SMTP-based replication is specified in [MS-SRPL].

Some of the Active Directory state exposed by this protocol is also exposed by the Active Directory implementation of LDAP; see [MS-ADTS] section 3.1.1.

Some methods in this protocol are exposed, in modified form, via LDAP. The LDAP versions are specified in [MS-ADTS] section

  • RootDSE constructed attributes: msDS-ReplAllInboundNeighbors, msDS-ReplConnectionFailures, msDS-ReplLinkFailures, msDS-ReplPendingOps, msDS-ReplAllOutboundNeighbors, msDS-ReplQueueStatistics (these expose some functionality of IDL_DRSGetReplInfo), dnsHostName, dsServiceName, isGlobalCatalogReady, serverName (these expose some functionality of IDL_DRSDomainControllerInfo).

  • RootDSE modify operations: becomeDomainMaster, becomeInfrastructureMaster, becomePdc, becomeRidMaster, becomeSchemaMaster, replicateSingleObject, removeLingeringObject. The last two operations expose some functionality of IDL_DRSGetNCChanges.

  • Object constructed attributes: canonicalName (this exposes some functionality of IDL_DRSCrackNames), msDS-NCReplInboundNeighbors, msDS-NCReplCursors, msDS-ReplAttributeMetaData, msDS-ReplValueMetaData, msDS-NCReplOutboundNeighbors (these expose some functionality of IDL_DRSGetReplInfo), tokenGroups, tokenGroupsNoGCAcceptable, tokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal (these expose some functionality of IDL_DRSGetMemberships and IDL_DRSGetMemberships2).


The LDAP control LDAP_SERVER_CROSSDOM_MOVE_TARGET_OID is related to IDL_DRSInterDomainMove in that the LDAP client specifies via this control the DC whose IDL_DRSInterDomainMove method should be called (from the LDAP server implementation of Modify DN) to perform the move.

Some methods in this protocol have completely functional equivalents in LDAP:

  • The function of IDL_DRSWriteSPN can be performed as an LDAP Modify of the servicePrincipalName attribute.

  • The function of creating a crossRef object with IDL_DRSAddEntry can be performed as an LDAP Add of a crossRef object.

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