IVolumeClient::RefreshFileSys (Opnum 75)

The RefreshFileSys method refreshes the server's cache of file systems.

 HRESULT RefreshFileSys();

This method has no parameters.

Return Values: The method MUST return 0 or a nonerror HRESULT on success, or an implementation-specific nonzero error code on failure (as specified in [MS-ERREF]; see also section 2.2.1 for HRESULT values predefined by the Disk Management Remote Protocol).

The server MUST process the message as follows:

  1. Re-enumerate the file systems from the system.

  2. If discrepancies between the enumerated file systems and the file systems stored in the list of storage objects are found, the server MUST make the appropriate changes to the list of storage objects and send appropriate notifications to the clients.

  3. Return a response to the client containing the status of the operation.