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4.7 Enumerating DFS Links in a Domain-Based DFS Namespace

The following example describes the sequence of an interactive administration application that enumerates all domain-based DFS namespaces in a domain and all DFS links of a domain-based DFS namespace.

  1. To enumerate all of the domain-based DFS namespaces in the dfsn-dev domain, the administration application issues the NetrDfsEnumExRPC method with the DfsEntryPath parameter \\dfsn-dev and Level parameter 200. This method is issued to the DC.

  2. The DC returns two domain-based DFS namespaces in the domain: \\dfsn-dev\testroot1 and \\dfsn-dev\testroot2.

  3. The user decides to view information about the domain-based DFS namespace\\dfsn-dev\testroot1. Before the administering application can issue the RPC method to obtain information about that DFS namespace, it must determine which DFS root target it will issue the RPC method to. This is done by issuing a DFS root referral request to the DC, as specified in [MSDFS].

  4. The DC responds to the DFS root referral request with the two DFS root targets: \\cfs-41x-2c02\testroot1 and \\cfs-41x-2c03\testroot1.

  5. The NetrDfsEnumEx RPC method to obtain information about the DFS namespace\\dfsn-dev\testroot1 is then issued to the root target cfs-41x-2c02.

  6. The root target returns the DFS root and one DFS link in the domain-based DFS namespace.


Figure 8: Enumerating DFS links in a domainv1-based DFS namespace

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