4.3 Domain-Based DFS Root Referral

The following sequence diagram shows a root referral for a domain-based DFS namespace.

Domain-based DFS root referral

Figure 17: Domain-based DFS root referral

  1. The client sends a REQ_GET_DFS_REFERRAL (section 2.2.2) to CFS-44X-2B29, a DC in the DFSN-DEV domain. The highest DFS referral version understood by the client is 2, as indicated by the MaxReferralLevel field of REQ_GET_DFS_REFERRAL. The DFS path specified in the DFS referral request is \dfsn-dev\testroot1, a domain-based DFS namespace in the DFSN-DEV domain.

  2. The DC's referral response contains two referral entries, each having referral version 2. The ReferralServers and StorageServers bits are set to 1 and the ServerType field is set to 1 in the response since DFS root targets are returned. The strings pointed to by the NetworkAddressOffset field of the individual referral entries are the DFS root targets for the domain-based DFS namespace.