4.1 Domain Referral

The following sequence diagram shows a domain referral.

Domain referral sequence

Figure 15: Domain referral sequence

  1. The client sends a REQ_GET_DFS_REFERRAL (section 2.2.2) to CFS-44X-2B29, a DC in the DFSN-DEV.NTTEST.MICROSOFT.COM domain. The highest DFS referral version understood by the client is 4, as indicated by the MaxReferralLevel field of REQ_GET_DFS_REFERRAL. The DFS path specified in the DFS referral request is a 0-length string, indicating a domain referral. To illustrate the effect of a client specifying a referral version that is later than what the server supports, the client's referral version is shown as 4 in this example.

  2. The DC's response has two referral entries, PathConsumed is 0, ReferralServers and StorageServers bits are set to 0. Each referral entry has the VersionNumber field set to 3. While the client's referral version in the request was 4, the server has replied with version 3. The NameListReferral bit is set to 1 in each referral entry. The strings pointed to by the SpecialNameOffset field of the individual referral entries are domain names.