Receiving a Domain Referral Response

This is applicable only to a domain-joined computer. The client receives this response for the domain referral request that it issued to BootstrapDC (as specified in section 3.1.6). The domain referral response MUST be version 3 or later; otherwise, the client MUST ignore the referral response.

The client MUST discard referral responses that do not have the NameListReferral bit of each referral entry set. The other bits of ReferralEntryFlags in the referral entry MUST be ignored. The client can access the null-terminated Unicode domain name contained in a referral entry by adding the value in the SpecialNameOffset field of the referral entry to the address of the referral entry.

The client MUST add the domain names received in the referral response to DomainCache, if empty. If DomainCache already has domain names, the client MUST add only those domain names to DomainCache that are not already in it. The client MAY remove those domain names from DomainCache that are not in the referral response.<12>

The DFS client MUST NOT modify the DomainCache on a domain referral failure.