DFS Link

A DFS link MUST be in one of the following UNC path formats.

  • \\<ServerName>\<DFSName>\<LinkPath>

<ServerName> is the host name of a DFS root target of the DFS namespace. Used for stand-alone or domain-based DFS namespaces.

  • \\<DomainName>\<DFSName>\<LinkPath>

<DomainName> is the domain name of the domain that hosts the domain-based DFS namespace. Used only for domain-based DFS namespaces.

In both examples, <DFSName> is the DFS namespace name, and <LinkPath> is the path of the DFS link relative to the DFS root target share. For example, if the full path used to access a DFS-based resource is \\contoso\share1\x\y, the DFS root target share is \\contoso\share1 and the DFS link path is x\y.