The RPC_SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES structure represents security attributes that can be marshaled and unmarshaled by RPC.

The RPC_SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES structure is used by a client to indicate the security attributes that are assigned when creating a new cluster registry key, as specified in section

 typedef struct _RPC_SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES {
   unsigned long nLength;
   RPC_SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR RpcSecurityDescriptor;
   long bInheritHandle;

nLength: The length of the structure, in bytes.

RpcSecurityDescriptor: A self-relative security descriptor that can be marshaled and unmarshaled by RPC, as specified in section

bInheritHandle: Any nonzero value if a new spawned process inherits the handle; however, because cluster registry keys are not inheritable, this field MUST be set to zero for use in ApiCreateKey, as specified in section