The CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_NETNAME_VALIDATE_VCO resource control code confirms whether the primary security principal of the cluster has the proper level of authorization to manage the security principal designated by lpInBuffer

Protocol version 2.0 servers SHOULD fail this method by using error code 0x00000001 (ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION).

The server MUST fail this method by using error code 0x00000001 (ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION) if the designated type of the resource does not support the functionality of an alternate computer name.

The client MUST provide the name of the security principal, as a null-terminated Unicode string, in the buffer that is designated by lpInBuffer. The server MUST fail this method with ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER (0x00000057) if the resource designated by the hResource parameter does not correspond to the primary cluster name. The server SHOULD fail this method with ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED (0x00000005) if the buffer designated by lpInBuffer contains the alternate computer name associated with primary cluster name. For example, the client can designate the primary cluster name with the hResource parameter and the NetBIOS name of a non-primary cluster name with the lpInBuffer parameter.

After successful completion of the method, the server SHOULD NOT write any data to the buffer that is designated by lpOutBuffer.

The server SHOULD accept a CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_NETNAME_VALIDATE_VCO resource control code request if its protocol server state is read-only and MUST accept the request for processing if it is in the read/write state, as specified in section 3.1.1.