The CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_ADD_REGISTRY_CHECKPOINT resource control code associates a registry checkpoint, as specified in section, with the designated resource.

The client MUST provide the path, in the buffer that is designated by lpInBuffer, to the data in the server's default registry, as specified in section

After successful completion of the method, the server SHOULD NOT write any data to the buffer that is designated by lpOutBuffer.

The server MUST restore the registry data on the node hosting the resource prior to bringing the resource online. The server MAY choose to detect changes in the registry data and take another checkpoint of the data associated with the resource. The server SHOULD monitor changes in the checkpointed registry key and take another checkpoint when a change has been detected.

The server MUST accept a CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_ADD_REGISTRY_CHECKPOINT resource control code request if its protocol server state is in the read/write state, as specified in section 3.1.1.