The CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_GET_CHARACTERISTICS resource control code retrieves the intrinsic characteristics of the designated resource. If the resource has multiple characteristics, the server MUST indicate each characteristic by setting a value for each characteristic.

After the successful completion of this method, the server MUST write a CLUS_CHARACTERISTICS enumeration, as specified in section, to the buffer that is indicated by lpOutBuffer.

For ClusAPI Protocol version 3.0, if the size indicated by nOutBufferSize is less than the number of bytes that are required for lpOutBuffer and if nOutBufferSize is 0x00000000, then the server MUST return ERROR_SUCCESS (0x00000000).

The server SHOULD accept a CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_GET_CHARACTERISTICS resource control code request if its protocol server state is read-only, and the server MUST accept the request for processing if it is in the read/write state, as specified in section 3.1.1.