The CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_SET_COMMON_PROPERTIES resource control code stores the common properties, as specified in section, of the designated resource as part of the resource's non-volatile cluster state.

The common properties of a resource are the part of the non-volatile configuration data of the resource that is maintained in the cluster state and whose schema is defined by the server.

The client MUST provide one or more common property names and their associated values, as specified in section, in the buffer designated by lpInBuffer.

The server SHOULD fail this method if validation of the property names and values, as specified in section, fails.

After successful completion of the method, the server SHOULD NOT write any data to the buffer designated by lpOutBuffer.

The server MUST store the data values to the non-volatile cluster state and return 0x000013A0 (ERROR_RESOURCE_PROPERTIES_STORED) if the resource is in the ClusterResourceOnline state and is unable to immediately affect the behavior of the resource such that the change in its common properties is visible to entities external to the cluster.

 The server MUST accept a CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_SET_COMMON_PROPERTIES resource control code request if its protocol server state is in the read/write state, as specified in section 3.1.1.