3 Protocol Details

This interface defines a single method, ExchangePublicKeys, whose purpose is to declare that the client and the server have each been configured with a specific X.509 certificate used for authentication in the BITS Peer-Caching: Content Retrieval Protocol, as specified in [MS-BPCR].

The client calls this method when it needs to initiate a content retrieval session with the server, but it believes that either the client's or server's certificate is not in the corresponding peer's table of allowable certificates. For example, a previous content retrieval call might have failed with an error indicating a certificate problem, or the client might have observed that the server's last known certificate is no longer valid, or the client might be contacting the server for the first time.

The recipient of each certificate is expected to validate the certificate and then add it to the table of peer certificates allowed by the BITS Peer-Caching: Content Retrieval Protocol.