SCP Publication Service Object

This object is present only in AD LDS. It is system-created but can be removed and recreated by the administrator if desired. This object stores forest-wide configuration that is used to control the creation of serviceConnectionPoint objects by an AD LDS DC running on a computer joined to an AD DS domain. Section 6.3.8 specifies the effects of this object.

name: SCP Publication Service

parent: Directory Service

objectClass: msDS-ServiceConnectionPointPublicationService

Enabled: A Boolean value. If false, no DC in this forest will create a serviceConnectionPoint object.

msDS-DisableForInstances: A set of references to nTDSDSA objects in this forest. A DC in this set will not create a serviceConnectionPoint object.

msDS-SCPContainer: If present, is a reference to an AD DS object (a reference to an object outside this AD LDS forest). The parent of any serviceConnectionPoint object created by a DC in this forest is msDS-SCPContainer. If an AD LDS DC in this forest is joined to domain D, then a DC of domain D must be capable of generating a referral to a DC containing a writable replica of the NC containing msDS-SCPContainer.

keywords: A set of strings. The keywords attribute of any serviceConnectionPoint object created by a DC in this forest contains all of these strings. There are no semantic constraints imposed on this attribute apart from any syntactic constraints that might be imposed by the schema.