Directory Service

name: Directory Service

parent: Windows NT (section

objectClass: nTDSService

tombstoneLifetime: The number of days that a tombstone or recycled-object exists before it is garbage collected. See 3.1.1 for more information.

deletedObjectLifetime: The number of days that a deleted-object exists before it is transformed into a recycled-object. If no value is specified, the value of the tombstoneLifetime attribute is used instead.

sPNMappings: In AD DS, a set of SPN mappings, as specified in [MS-DRSR] section (MapSPN). Not present in AD LDS.

msDS-Other-Settings: A multivalued string where each string value encodes a name-value pair. In the encoding, the name and value are separated by an "=". For example, the encoding of the name "DisableVLVSupport" with value "0" is "DisableVLVSupport=0". Each name is the name of an LDAP configurable setting, and the value is the value of that setting. The LDAP configurable settings and their effects are specified in section

dSHeuristics: See section By default, this attribute is not set.