Transactional Semantics

The effects of an originating update are captured in the state model by committing a transaction. When the originating update is initiated by a protocol request, such as an LDAP Modify, the transaction is committed before sending the appropriate protocol response. The transaction has the ACID properties [GRAY] and provides at least degree 2 isolation of concurrent read and update requests [GRAY].

Transactions that are used to implement Active Directory provide degree 2 isolation of concurrent read and update requests.

Each Search request or Update request is performed as a transaction. When multiple Search requests are used to retrieve a large set of results, each request is its own transaction. An originating update is processed as one or more transactions. In some cases a request will cause transactions to occur after the response has been sent. Section and the remainder of section specify the transaction boundaries used for all originating updates and describes all cases where processing continues after the response.