When the server returns a continuation reference as documented in section, it must determine which server(s) to refer the client to. The set of servers to which the client will be referred is the set of values returned by the following algorithm.

Let TO be the base object of an LDAP Search.

Let NC be the NC replica containing TO.

The values are made up of:

  • The values from O!dnsRoot for all objects O where

    • (O.dn is listed in NC!subRefs)

    • and (O!Enabled is true)

    • and (O!objectClass's most specific class is crossRef)

    • and

      • (((O!nCName is a prefix of TO.dn for all but the first component)

        and (the scope of the search is LDAP_SCOPE_ONELEVEL))


      • ((O!nCName is a prefix of TO.dn)

        and (the scope of the search is LDAP_SCOPE_SUBTREE)))

  • and the value for Root-Domain-NC!dnsRoot after prepending "gc._msdcs." and either replacing the first matching ":*" with ":3268" or, if there are no matches of ":*", then by appending ":3268" if and only if: