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Let TO be the object from which the msDS-TopQuotaUsage attribute is being read.

Let R be the root object of the NC containing TO.

TO!msDS-TopQuotaUsage equals a set of XML-encoded strings sorted by the element quotaUsed when:

  • TO is the object:

    GetWellknownObject(n: R, guid: GUID_NTDS_QUOTAS_CONTAINER_W)

Each string represents the quota information for a SID as specified in section, Quota Calculation. The format of the XML-encoded string is:


<partitionDN> DN of the NC containing TO </partitionDN>

<ownerSID> SID of quota user </ownerSID>

<quotaUsed> rounded up value of quota used (computed) </quotaUsed>

<tombstoneCount> value in the TombstoneCount column </tombstoneCount>

<totalCount> value in the TotalCount column </totalCount>


where quotaUsed is computed as specified in msDS-QuotaUsed with cLive set to (totalCount - tombstoneCount).

The number of values returned can be controlled with the ";range" syntax as detailed in Range Retrieval of Attribute Values in section The default range is 10 for this attribute.

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